I think the problem with internet quotes is that it’s really hard to find a good one. Most of the quotes are not original to the internet, nor are they all that useful. What I’ve seen is a lot of the quotes are really just the same or similar phrases that have been copied from other websites.

Ive seen quite a few quotes used in a variety of ways, from memes to jokes to political or philosophical statements. But the problem here is that they are all just the same phrases and I feel that many of them fall into the category of “copyright infringement”. When a quote is not original then it is not copyright infringement.

I feel that the internet is in a state of flux as a whole, so when you’re starting with a quote it seems like you’re trying to learn a new language and take some liberties.

To be honest, I think the internet is in a state of flux, I mean the internet is really just a collection of the best of the best. We can easily start to lose sight of what was once the best of the best and simply become the best of the worst.

That’s pretty much why I don’t like it when people talk about things like “copyright infringement.” It always leads to a “Oh, you can’t copyright these words!” argument. If you want to use a phrase or quote then you need to make it your own, not steal someone else’s. We’re talking about copyright here. We’re talking about creative works. That’s copyright law. And it’s not about stealing.

We can easily avoid the problem by making the same mistake as you do with internet quotes. What I’m trying to suggest here is that you don’t need any kind of internet quote to get through this process. Like, if you want to use my name as a link, you’re looking for a link from the internet. And your name really shouldn’t be on the internet.

The problem is if you want to use a quote on the internet, you are looking for that quote, not the internet. You might want to look at the source of the quote or the context of the quote. Like, if you want to use wikipedia as a link, you need to know that wikipedia is the source. If you want to use google, you need to know that google is the source. The internet is not a source.

The internet is an excellent source of information. Its not the best source, and its not even the most accurate source of information. But it is a damn good source of information.

The problem with internet quotes, as opposed to quotes from actual internet sources, is that they’re not as accurate as you think.

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