I can’t get my computer to connect to the internet, and I’m not sure why. I can’t ping my router, and I’ve tried to connect to my ISP’s network, but it won’t work. I have two computers, and I know the only way to get them to come together is to download the software for the router.

Your router? I’m sorry, is your router your internet router? If you are familiar with Windows 8, you will see that there is an icon in your system tray to the left of your computer that says “Internet Settings.” This is the setting that allows you to control your internet connection.

The problem here is that Windows 8 is supposed to be able to detect your router and automatically connect to it. However, I haven’t been able to find any settings that could be made to that effect. I’m not sure why this is so hard.

This is probably a Windows 8 bug. Im sure there’s a good reason. I’ve been able to connect through my router by setting up different connections manually, but using Windows 8 doesn’t seem to do this automatically. I would also assume that this is a Windows 8 bug, since I’ve seen people having this problem before.

It’s possible that this setting is designed to prevent Windows 8 from connecting automatically with other routers. If that’s the case, you may have to disable it.

The Windows 8 bug is a Windows 8 bug that you’re probably forgetting. What do you mean by this? It seems to imply that Windows 8 is trying to connect automatically with its own router if you’re not running Windows 8. This is a strange bug, but one that I have not yet seen mentioned and not only does it have Windows 8 support, but it also seems to mean that Windows 8 itself has no way to connect automatically with other routers.

The Windows 8 bug actually has its own name, which is Windows I dont know if that is the correct name, but it is the bug that causes Windows 8 to automatically connect to a router. The Windows is the correct name for Windows

I would assume that the Windows is the correct name for Windows, but I don’t have any proof of that. I’ll ask a few of my friends who are tech-savvy to confirm.

I think you are correct, but I cannot find any evidence to back that up. But, it does make sense since that is the name of the bug that causes Windows 8 to connect automatically to a router.

I think that would be the correct name for Windows

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