SecurityManager.checkPermission (SecurityManager.


java.lang.SecurityException: Permission to access class

A checks the system user’s permission to access a class. We’ve all seen the “java.lang.SecurityException: permission denied (missing internet permission?)” message on our screen after an admin has checked our system user for internet permission.

As it turns out that the java.lang.SecurityException is being thrown because you have not granted the class permission to the user you’re trying to access them from. A good way to check if you have internet permission is to check the permission string in the browser’s address bar. If the permission string is “java.lang.SecurityManager”, you’re good to go. If it’s “java.lang.

You can also try to bypass the security system by going to the SecurityManager-WebApp-Security-WebApp-User-Login-WebApp-Session. If you haven’t set it yet you can just make sure you do so. We can verify the security manager’s permission in a couple of places before starting it.

To me, that means it should be possible to use the web ui to bypass the security. Though, after checking the permission string in the browser address bar I didn’t see any indication that it was. I just tried it and it seems to work.

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